The key lies in Bodegraven

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Joost is a victim of satanic ritual abuse (srm) by Jaap Tamino van Dissel (aka The Red Man) in the 1980s. The same man who wanted to inject and imprison us all to death. How obvious can it be? Micha Kat, the best journalist the Netherlands knows, meanwhile, has been jailed for two years for "threat and instigation," just for speaking out and investigating the truth. I, Daan, became convinced years ago that Jaap van Dissel and consorts are part of a criminal network that makes many (young) victims. I want more attention and justice for this, because I cannot live with this.

See below a video that ex-detective Alice recently made after a 12-day stay with Joost. Below that a video with my experience at the artwork 'The Key' near the Limuspark in Bodegraven, where I have been calling attention to this event since 2021.

Flower actions in Bodegraven
See here the video I made with Pieter in February 2021, when I found out about the existence of the sculpture ' The key' and collaborated with beautiful people from Bodegraven on this flower action. The flowers, like those at the cemetery lane (there where no graves of young srm victims, though the media says we were putting flowers on graves of children), were quickly removed.

Red Pill Journal
There is infinite information about what is really going on in the world, only this information is mostly censored and suppressed, people are locked up or killed and so it is up to each person to think critically and draw conclusions for the good of our children and thus mankind. The Red Pill Journals were made by Wouter, Micha, Joost and earlier also Hans, containing very good information. Almost all of these broadcasts have been removed from the Internet, even on Bitchute and Rumble. See here another video which can be found. And see this video 'Welcome to the Netherlands' that Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter made about their experiences and insights surrounding the Bodegraven case.

During the closing of exhibition Rebelution, I read from the book 'Love Vaccine' (Geert Kimpen & Michelle Shanti), with evidence about what the Red Pill Journal shared:

I share messages exposing the pedophile DeepState as much as possible. You can follow my search for truth through my Telegram channel 'Daans messages'


wwg1wga & ncswic

Below another picture of 1 of the 700+ lie articles about Joost and Bodegraven. In this article I was depicted as screaming in a cemetery while standing in front of the prison in Alphen aan de Rijn.

Hoax after hoax is played on WeThePeople. And we have had enough! See our white march voor Micha Kat:

Page of Micha before his arrest:

In 2020 in found this article about SRM and all kinds of abuse to children: 


Free all slaves and victims of the systemical abuse. 

Free the children that our living away from their families. We want reunion and peach. 

Love justice and strength on our path wished,

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