Christmas mission: children going home

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Anno December 2022, there are many parents in the Netherlands whose children have been taken away.
Not for a valid reason. Not because they did something wrong. Purely because the government wanted it.


The parents who lost their children to the states social service are the best example. And the outrage now taking place at radiostation 3FM by not paying attention to parents who want to tell their stories is truly a low point in our non-civilization. Parents are being removed from the scene because they want to send their missing children a Christmas greeting. I was there myself, I also talked to the police officers, it is disgusting how they cover this up. As if it doesn't exist.

That the Netherlands has +95,000 children who could and actually should go home this Christmas seems obvious to me. What happens in youth care is heartbreaking. I experienced it briefly two years back when I was working at special education school Driekansen in Ermelo in 's Heeren Loo's residential care park. During the lockdown, the children had to stay inside, test, wear facemasks and preferably be vaccinated as soon as possible. I spoke out against the measures and was summarily dismissed.

The parents are the best example. Children belong to be with their families, and if there are problems there, it is to be solved first in the family. In the normal world. Why would a government want to take on this task? I understand by now. They want the children.

I have done a lot of research over the past few years. I was able to do that because I was fired at the University of Applied Science Amsterdam for refusing to teach online. So I had time. So it soon became clear to me that the truth may not be found. When I started following the channel Agencia Cosmica in 2016, where they have spiritual conversations and try to share the truth, it came to me clearly that the universe is wondrous, and so is life. Death does not exist for me. I believe in reincarnation and am still searching for more of my own history.

Now I know that I can find this in myself. It seems that the Vatican also knows who our reincarnations are, already by the footprint and blood sampling they record at birth in our birth certificate. Then we live a lifetime as numbers on earth to sponsor the elites with money we give them and power they gain as a result. With their divide and conquer games in distracting matters they grab our souls. They literally trade with us humans in the stock market. How do we get rid of them?

I don't accept this. I don't want this. I am a child of God and serve love and peace, happiness and reason. I am no slave and was one because of the way the system is set up. 

Last year I had to give up my house, I could no longer afford it. Had I had children they might have been taken away. This is how it goes in "youth care" with their own fabrications of the idea that a parent can no longer care for a child. Institutions get €30,000 per placement per child. Had they given that €30,000 to the parents, the problem would already be solved, right?

The government is not about solving a problem. They are about creating a problem. Same as with the racism hoax, climate hoax, coronahoax, etc. It's about perpetuating a centuries-long system of abuse and murder, especially of small children. It is Satanism. MK Ultra directed from above and permeating unconscious people.

The underground world is deeper than most think. According to my research, there are non-human beings who want to control us. Reptilians. Greys. And their henchmen. The war of the good among us is against these spiritual forces who prefer to drink children's blood to feed themselves. Those who participate in this, for example, drink Andrenochrome. This is said to keep them young. Many "stars" participate in this. Yuck!!!

So it is pedophiles and murderers who are pulling the strings at the top of our system.

Fortunately, there is also a good side to the story, and that is that we are still here! And with many! And also I believe in the Q operation that has united and strengthened all patriots worldwide in knowledgeable powerful and loving action. We decided like a school trip to be here now and experience this, or rather, make it better!

We don't need this government. Neither this system. This euro. Europe. Nor the UN. Not the media. Nor the newspapers. No WEF. The colleges and indoctrination schools are done. It's over. Out. Finished.

I don't know about you, but I choose my own path apart from the state as it exists. Though in connection with beautiful people I have come to know as powerful wonderful fighters for truth, reason, justice and peace. We will keep fighting for truth until the tribunals and beyond.

I look forward to the future where truth is leading. For me it already is and it is easy to see the negative reactions for what they are, projections of fear from others.
Michael Brian Protzmann who I think is JFK Jr on his closed Telegram channel Negative48 empowers me. I listen to his streams with great attention, what a respect for this man's knowledge and ability. He says to people like this, YOUR MK ULTRA IS KICKING YOUR BUT. And so it is.
Recommendation of the best info I found:

Just check with yourself. Do you still have the TV on? Do you still read the newspaper? Do you still go to school? Be critical. Don't just swallow the sweet cake, do some research on what's inside.

Of course it's scary when you've been vaxxed and can't get it out. Maybe you got lucky? Go outside, exercise, eat healthy, take deep breaths, be happy and free.

Maybe you don't see that the children need our help? Then at least stop attacking people who speak out for parents and children who want to be united. Would you want your child back if it was stolen from you? I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child to the government and not knowing where he/she is. Unfortunately, it is true. I met many parents at Henriette Nakad when I manifested myself there as an involved person:

See what happened on 22-2-2021:
And then what happened on 27-2-2021: 

See what happened on 23-3-2021:

I was also involved in the case in Bodegraven where I was framed via a mendacious article as a screamer in a cemetery when I was actually in front of the prison in Alphen aan de Rijn. This was published in a Volkskrant article titled, "How Bodegraven battled conspiracy theorists. I can't find it anymore on the Internet, fortunately I still have the photos. I am posting these photos below.

Can the missing children of parents so damaged by the government still expect a Merry Christmas? I hope so.
3FM should have given attention to these fathers, mothers and children in need. However, I also understand that the head of orgnisation of The Forgotten Child gets an annual salary of €126,936 per year. And that only up to 4% of the funds arrive at the intended target. So: it's a farce. A wash. A disgrace.
I personally have already given up hope in politics and think it is wasted effort. Nevertheless, attention to this impossible story is important.
Sharing is appreciated :)
With love,

Watch: about Joost Knevel and his story of satanic ritual abuse in NL.

And especially watch Kim Feenstra's documentary TAKEN if you want to know more about youth care practices or if you think nothing is going on, please take your head out of the sand: 

Or check out my action on action day at 3FM for the children: & 
God bless

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