Colleges in distress, the Netherlands in distress (part 1 & 2)

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Colleges in distress, the Netherlands in distress (part 1)

Written by Daan vdf Beckers on 14-11-2022 in Amersfoort. Daan is a theater maker and was head teacher and coordinator of the drama subject at the teacher training program at the Faculty of Education and Education of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam until online teaching was introduced.

How will you train students to be teachers if you can't physically teach them?

Until March 2020, in my experience, the learning climate with students of teacher education at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam was effective. As a teacher educator, through the subject of Drama, I was able to link theory and practice well by focusing on our own humanity in relation to our students, each other and the learning/workplace.

Through separate lessons in 1. Body Language 2. Above and Below behaviors 3. Against and Together behaviors 4. Classroom Management 5. Conversation & 6. Leadership. We had a nice array of content and empowering classes with our Drama Team.
The full-time program had four drama classes over 4 years spread over the first two years of study. The part-time program received one less class. With KOP-students, we worked 6 x 2.5 hours in an accelerated year-long course in which all of the above lessons were taught. KOP students created body language portfolios, about 200 of which I reviewed. In 2020, I was developing lesson series in Conversation and the We&They relationship for years 3 and 4 of the full- and part-time courses. Unfortunately, the lockdown prevented this from happening and I had to pack my bags.

Teaching online I can, but I don't want to
When the lockdown was announced in March 2020, I was surprised and didn't really know what to make of it. What I did know was that I did not want to teach drama classes online, even though it was required of me by the management team.
At the same time, I had already been asked by the University Pabo of Amsterdam to teach a lesson series in Drama 1 & 2. The head teacher had already figured out for me how to do that online. I gave in to that, to my regret, at that moment and taught this lesson series online in May and June 2020. It felt horrible that way distant and without real contact to teach my classes. I experienced that I really didn't want this. I could not control what was taught, missed time and attention in the workplace, and thus had to make judgments about what was taught in students with less vision. In fact, it simply could not and cannot be done.

University of Amsterdam sells soul
Unfortunately, things didn't get any easier at the HvA. I had to hand over my coordinating duties because I did not want to develop and teach online classes. Then, from August 2020 to January 2021, I was able to give 50 hours of physical lessons to teachers and students who did want them. After that, I was not asked back.
Where is the inclusion? Where is acceptance of dissenters? Who determines what is dissent? Who sets the standard? The majority? Isn't diversity a great thing? I thought acceptance of inclusion, critical thinking and diversity were important values within colleges.

Fired for criticizing policy
The same thing happened to me at secondary schools: in January 2021, for example, I was fired after three months at Driekansen Ermelo because of my views on the corona approach, which now (but also then) proved to be health-destroying, ineffective and harmful*.
At Krommerijn College Utrecht, I worked from October 2021 and at one point was the only teacher to walk through the school without a mouthpiece, after being expelled from school for two days for refusing to wear it. I was then fired after criticizing the policy. At no employer did I receive severance pay. At Krommerijn College Utrecht, I actually had a contract until July 31, where I was only paid until February.

The future of Colleges hangs by a thread
In my opinion, there is a lack of "Truth and Liveliness" present in Colleges. Improvisation great Keith Johnstone quickly taught me here that you should always try to do the opposite of what teachers and schools ask of you, purely to see if that can also be good or true. I have always done this and I don't think it has made me any dumber.

How are you going to train people to be teachers if you can't teach these people?
And what does it mean when a teacher is dismissed for his opinion?

De toekomst van Hogescholen hangt aan een zijden draadje
Naar mijn mening is er een gebrek aan "Waarheid en Levendigheid" op Colleges. Improvisatiegrootheid Keith Johnstone leerde me hier al snel dat je altijd moet proberen het tegenovergestelde te doen van wat leraren en scholen van je vragen, puur om te zien of dat ook goed of waar kan zijn. Ik heb dit altijd gedaan en ik denk niet dat ik er dommer van ben geworden.
Hoe ga je mensen opleiden tot leraar als je deze mensen niet kunt onderwijzen?
En wat betekent het als een leraar wordt ontslagen om zijn mening?

Is there still hope?
Yes there is hope, if we do things differently. There is hope if we start doing everything outside the government. If we stop letting them facilitate learning. Parents know much better what is good for their children than a teacher or school. My motto as a teacher at HvA was, "home is like a first school. And school is hopefully like a second home". Now I have not been able to experience this second home in recent years. Nowhere did it feel right. Schools have become rather prisons, where you are only allowed in if you are obedient. Sick and indoctrinating they are. Unfortunately, elementary schools are also becoming more and more so. Some Free Schools are still state-free and can offer better anthroposophical education in which God and the Soul still have a place. Unfortunately also many Free Schools have already been hijacked by the system and are therefore no longer free. We will have to stand up for the children who are formed in and to the system and who are our future, so that they can live free from this system.

I wish for a loving and open society, where there is no control and fear, but trust, authenticity, creativity and a broad view of health. No one-size-fits-all approach, but children who are allowed to be the way they are. That's how I manifest it. We can learn from them. They have already come here with all their wisdom, we just need to follow them, love them and be there for them in a good way.

Now how to proceed?
Learning can be so beautiful and easy. Let it be, please. Live and let live.

Thank you for reading this post. You can continue to follow me on my website , and come play along ❤️


* Meer dan 400 onderzoeken naar het mislukken van de verplichte covid-interventies

Colleges in distress, the Netherlands in distress part 2

Colleges in distress, the Netherlands in distress part 2

Written by Daan vdf Beckers on 14-11-2022 & an update on 23-4-2023 in Amersfoort. Daan is a theater maker and was head teacher and coordinator of the drama subject at the teacher training program at the Faculty of Education and Education of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) and at the Universitaire Pabo van Amsterdam (UPvA) until online teaching.

How will you train students to be teachers if you can't physically teach them?

I April 2023 I had been asked back by UPvA staff to come teach again, this time the subject: Teacher Skills. After I had already discussed the lessons in January, and I was still cautiously holding back from executives regarding my opinion is about the present woke culture that is going on within the Colleges and Universities, I was still sent away because of my previously over-expressed opinion and worldview.

Below is the message from the UPvA executive:

With my new entry into the UPvA, I had thought of speaking out very directly to students about what I think is going on, in addition to wanting to implement my developed lesson series on Body Language and Behavior within this. Unfortunately I was not able to do this, although it would not have felt right to be walking around there as a teacher at this time either. I made the videos below at the time I returned to the Wibaud House in February for the preparation meeting with the UPvA.
See video (doesn't work via link):

Now it is my opinion of almost all schools are finished with their way of educating. They are lying their asses off, and teachers, on the contrary, think they have the truth or can teach it. They can't. Teachers don't have the truth. Teachers could teach students to think, research and undertake on their own. This they do not do. They impose worldviews, increasingly unhealthy and extreme in its stupidity. The children are not safe in mainstream schools with the teachers who have been able to stay in them now. I advise every parent to take the children out of school and give them a whole new chance at self-learning and development through homeschooling. Below a video in which in walked along during the peace march calling for unschooling and home-learning.

I support Laurens Buijs and his struggle with the UvA administration and student culture. It is terrible to see good sincere people being put away from an outrageous ignore/domonize policy, while these are the very people who still understand what kind of agenda is behind the policy. Administrators act as if they are doing good at Colleges and Universities by working with the WEF, UN, EU and other unelected world political powers, while this world agenda is completely destroying our country and our children's future. Students should stand up against anything that promotes polarization. Students do not want gender toilets, SDG steps, support-Ukraine flags and other sick war rhetoric. These are all policy sicknesses through which our students are abused. This has to stop. I very much want power back over content within these types of institutions, or I don't see any future for these organizations. As far as I am concerned, we can shut these places down if the unvaccinated and outspoken whistleblowers are not heard. We have long been proven right, it is just a matter of time until it is clear to the masses, and then we will know who did/do not rise up during this time of war. What would you do during the war? I hope many people would say: protect the children. I have unfortunately seen too little/not seen it within the Colleges and Universities and that makes me enormously combative in addition to furious, because we are not going to accept this. The struggle will continue until all the demonic agendas are gone, parents and children are free to determine their own path, money can no longer fund the flow of information, and urban journalists and life artists are finally given the space to massively acknowledge what degrading policies have taken place in recent years. Justice is needed, we still have the emails.... Below my response to Johan's mail.

Ideally, I would like to sue the HvA and UPvA for their crimes against humanity. Those in governance have now had long enough time to investigate the truth. Now that they continue to openly push policies with the underlying world agenda, they are guilty. I advise all administrators to start thinking very carefully about what they will do in the time ahead, because we will continue to question and follow them until we have full justice.

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