Rainbow policy not inclusive for all

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Last Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023, I attended a Town Conversation on the Rainbow Policy 2023-2027 in my Municipality of Amersfoort and was turned away because of my opinion that the rainbow flag is not a rainbow and because, in my opinion, there is a world agenda behind it that is unhealthy for everyone's future.

I (Daan) prior to the meeting.                                                              Invitation city conversation Rainbow policy from Amersfoort municipality.

Course of the city conversation
I came prepared with two printed posters with seven chakras including the explanations and affirmations. Upon entering, I told the organizers about my idea of the world agenda and my initiative to recognize and understand the chakras more. I was welcomed, hung my bag with farmersflag next to the coat of an officer, who was thus also present. Inside, I talked about my chakra posters with a busy VVD (liberal party) lady from the municipality of Amersfoort. The municipality had decided to deploy the "rainbow flag" with triangle for the next few years in the city. I told her about my idea that the 6-color flag symbolizes globalist identity politics, including the sustainable development goals (SDGs). After talking to some other people, I spoke with the officer. We had a respectful conversation about security, soccer and my experiences with police brutality and romeos during corona-demonstrations (see also this compilation of them). Then the busy VVD lady opened the event with a story about acceptance of all... There were themed talks you could join:
1. Being safe 2. Being fully yourself 3. Sensitive help and support 4. LGBTQIA+ and... (intersectionality)

I joined "Being Fully Yourself," along with seven other people. After an introduction, everyone shared experiences and feelings around being yourself and feeling accepted and equal:

  • A number of people said they were happy when they saw a "rainbow flag" in a place, because they knew they would then be accepted there. Does that automatically make places without a flag uninviting or non-inclusive? In my opinion, that distinction actually makes the flag polarizing.
  • Another point that came up: sports clubs are not yet involved enough in the issue and could do more, for example, about the safety of transgender people such as in choosing the right locker room for them. The question this raises in me is: is there also room for a conversation about the safety of girls and women who may not feel comfortable with transgender people in their locker room?
  • Another attendee found it annoying to be addressed by students as sir because he would be non-binary. It also bothered him that some parents/children did not want to attend class with him for that reason.
  • A school principal indicated that he was satisfied with how he was accepted as gay.

I then introduced my chakra posters and introduced myself as a first-grade drama teacher and concerned human being, after which I pointed out that there is a color missing from their rainbow flag and that as far as I am concerned it represents a world agenda that is not good for anyone. A world that is becoming increasingly totalitarian and digital, with less freedom and autonomy for human beings. Full of identity politics in which there is less and less room for dissents. Because of the urgency I feel to turn the tide, I wanted to bring in something positive and human with the chakras, based on truth and staying close to yourself. Themes that as far as I am concerned fit well with the discussion topics of diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, my initiative was not appreciated, the atmosphere became unsociable and soon I was asked to leave. It was said that I wanted to push my agenda. I indicated several times that I wanted to remain in conversation. The officer was called in and I was asked to take my ' frumpies' with me.

 I talked with the officer and an organizing lady from the municipality in the hallway, I strangly enough gave her a hug because she was in tears because 'her sister says exactly the same thing'. Yes, how could that be?

My thoughts on this:

  • Why are you only welcome to join a city conversation if you agree with it? Making inclusive policy is also giving room for critical voices, staying connected and shaping the society together. Exclusion of "dissent" does not fit into that philosophy.
  • I have not even been able to properly bring up the fact that the 6-color flag is an SDG flag and that the real rainbow contains the light blue color (Tiffany blue), you know, the color of the mouth cap that represents our chakra of TRUTH.
  • Why is Amersfoort a rainbow city (which is not a rainbow)? Who asked for it, who came up with it, where does the money come from for all the initiatives around acceptance such as the rainbow crosswalk in the city center? How is all this appreciated by Amersfoort citizens and visitors? I do have an idea about this.
  • Acceptance is important, but stop grooming and indoctrinating. For as long as possible, let children be nice children who only think about sexuality when they are ready. They don't need to learn about different "gender identities" and sexual preferences. We can, however, teach them to be open and accepting, and let them grow up with (self-)love, truth and strength.
  • Schools should be fundamentally neutral, not politically/ideologically charged. They haven't been for a long time unfortunately. Stop this agenda in schools!!!
  • At one of the schools where I have been dismissed in recent years, the Krommerijn college in Utrecht, the LGBT+ flag was raised. That same week I hung the seven chakras in the hallway. Then I was sent away because of my opinion and way of teaching. How can the seven chakras not be taught? Even if you don't believe in them, there is a lot of knowledge and truth in them, right? And surely the chakras fit the rainbow much better than the six-color flag?
  • Do we think it would be an improvement if this chakra consciousness were there, and if this were accepted thought?
  • Dear people, there is recognition. Just not for MAPS (minor attracted persons). Not for pedophiles who rename themselves. Nor for bestiality, sex with animals so to speak. It is (as far as my research is concerned) a pedophile world agenda to confuse children, disrupt families and destroy our civilization. They are succeeding quite well. And the politicians keep getting away with it. It makes me cry, but let us be strong and stand up for our children as a people.
  • During the conversation it appeared that children today would all already know what the I of LGBTQI stands for. I did not know. Then I immediately got the comment, "You see, we have a very long way to go." So because kids in elementary schools already know this and I don't, humanity has a long way to go in LGBTQI+ acceptance? NO. This agenda is being implemented so quickly, just as if there were now suddenly 96 genders instead of two, that no sane adult human being feels like diving into it. Accept yourself in and enjoy life. And let the kids be kids without this agenda being forced on them.

There is so much woke-PROPAGANDA.
Why does that flag keep changing? Because there is no truth in it!
People are continuously misled and abused for identity politics.
How inclusive are you as an "inclusive rainbow city for everything and everyone" if you won't even enter into the conversation with a critical person like me? In my opinion: NOT

How to proceed.
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Extraordinarily enough, this weekend (21/22 januari 2023), writing this, I came across a colleague at the University of Amsterdam who makes a good case for how to look at it in these articles as well:

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