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Week 40 2023

The key lies in Bodegraven

Joost is a victim of satanic ritual abuse (srm) by Jaap Tamino van Dissel (aka The Red Man) in the 1980s. The same man who wanted to inject and imprison us all to death. How obvious can it be? Micha Kat, the best journalist the Netherlands knows, meanwhile, has been jailed for two years for "threat and instigation," just for speaking out and investigating the truth. I, Daan, became convinced years ago that Jaap van Dissel and consorts are part of a criminal network that makes many (young) victims. I want more attention and justice for this, because I cannot live with this.

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Week 32 2023
Week 03 2023

Rainbow policy not inclusive for all

Last Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023, I attended a Town Conversation on the Rainbow Policy 2023-2027 in my Municipality of Amersfoort and was turned away because of my opinion that the rainbow flag is not a rainbow and because, in my opinion, there is a world agenda behind it that is unhealthy for everyone's future.

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Week 51 2022
Week 45 2022


Today on Nov. 9, 2022, I am writing my first blog. I share a photo from 2015 that I was in the newspaper with to promote my TheaterWorkshop of that time. On Wednesdays, I taught classes to people who needed to play together and develop expression skills. The Theaterwerkplaats did not have a long life, six months, as I went to live in Amsterdam. The Theaterwerkplaats existed in the place behind here, a place beloved to me where my parents still live, the central housing association Hof der toekomst. In this street, people live in their own houses and share some common areas. I myself came to live here from the age of 6, having been born in the Teut of downtown Amersfoort, until I was 20. At 28, I came back again.Now I am 35 and have not lived on this street since this year. I do feel a connection to living in community, caring for a place bigger than your home and knowing your neighbors. In this life, I want to maintain the autonomy I feel for doing it myself. No one should tell me what to do or think. Through my theater playing, I hope to provide space for the free spirit. To keep the imagination high. To continue to explore and expand the self. I give thanks for this incarnation, in this time and space.I believe that man is uniquely connected to the Divine source. However, it is important to stay pure and not do crazy things like injecting uncontrolled experiments. Beware of that. I also warned about this in the Hof der toekomst. When I was president and I refused to have online meetings with my neighbors, I was removed from office in February 2022 with a vote of no confidence from the board. I don't mind. It is a shame, however, that people do not see that I was trying to save them from the government's evil plans. How can so many people not see this? About this, I think the media and TV are an MK-ultra program that people cling to. Literally there is a control system in it that acts on people's physical bodies, and it is hard to break free from that. Tip is to throw the TV out the window, stop having the newspaper delivered, seek out the sun and the rain, and address yourself deep inside to your own freedom. Inside lives.

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